Ideas to Help You Set Your Thanksgiving Table

Items You Need to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Setting the perfect Thanksgiving table takes a little planning. Now is the time to check your tabletop inventory so you will have the items you need to make your Thanksgiving table a warm, inviting place for friends and family to gather around. I’m going to help you get started creating a pretty table to gather around because I believe that gathering around the table is the secret to a healthy family.

The nice thing about creating a tablescape is there is no right or wrong. The end result just has to make you happy and create a welcoming dining table for gathering that you will actually use regularly. I like to think of my tablescape in layers. Thinking in these layers will help you build your tablescape without becoming overwhelmed. You probably already have items for each layer so try pulling what you already have out and taking inventory of it. Then you will know which layer you need to buy for to create a welcoming table for friends and family to gather around.

Layer #1 of Your Table:

Layer #2 of Your Table:

Layer #3 of Your Table:

Layer #4 of Your Table:

If you use this list you will be able to create beautiful everyday and special occasion tables year round.

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