How to Upgrade Your Dining Space: Part 2

In How to Upgrade Your Dining Space: Part 1 you can find information and ideas on new tables for your dining space. This Part 2 post will focus on dining chairs. You want people you love to gather around your dining table, strengthening relationships and sharing good food. Are your current chairs comfortable enough for people to linger at the table after dinner? Do you have enough chairs for everyone to sit? The chair suggestions below might help you narrow down the thousands of chair options out there.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new table adding new chairs can create a dramatic change. If you aren’t able to replace all your chairs try keeping and using half of your old chairs and adding some new ones. Chairs that don’t match can create interest with different shapes and textures.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when buying new dining chairs:

  • Chair seat heights should all be the same.
  • A cushioned chair is more comfortable to sit at for extended periods of time.
  • When mixing chairs at a table stick in the same color family so they will coordinate.
  • Arm chairs will take up more space around the table than side chairs.

Top Picks for Chairs Under $300: Click on each image for more information.

Top Picks for Chairs Over $300: Click on each image to get more information.

Hope this narrows your dining chair search and helps you create comfortable seating for your family and friends who gather around your table. The next post in the “How to Update Your Dining Room” series will focus on lighting. Sign up for the newsletter by CLICKING HERE so you don’t miss it!

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