Upgrade Your Dining Space: A Simple Fall Centerpiece

In the series “Upgrade Your Dining Space” there are ideas for new dining tables, new dining chairs, new chandeliers, and here is an idea for a simple fall centerpiece. If you have old centerpieces you have kept from the past it is a good idea to freshen them up by rearranging them. Take the old one apart and see if you can repurpose the pieces. Try using some pieces you already have to make an arrangement similar to the one below. If you need some new pieces try Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.


Fill a rectangular container with floral foam.


Add a natural filler around the edges to fill the gaps.


Add 2 groupings of objects to your container. These gourds have wire stems on them so they can be placed securely in the foam. (Love Hobby Lobby!)


Next, create some height at the corner with floral grass or sticks. Then fill in empty spaces with fall leaves and more natural filler.
This centerpiece will take you through Thanksgiving.

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