About Me

Thank you for taking a minute to gather around to hear a little bit about my story. I am the mother of 3 girls. Our youngest is 16 so I am entering a new phase in my life and I am learning how to relate to my children as adults. It is exciting to watch them grow into happy young women who are finding their own passions.

Mealtime has always been an important time of the day in my family. Growing up we sat down at the family table together every night. (A shout-out of “Thanks” to my mother!) That was how mealtime was modeled for me so that is what I did with my children too. I thought that was what every family did until my daughters would mention things like, “Did you know other families don’t eat together every night like we do?”

Gathering around the table in the evenings allows my family to connect after a busy day. We share problems, concerns, highs and lows. When the girls were younger it was an opportunity to teach table manners and practice conversation skills. No phones are allowed. My oldest daughter shared with me recently that she felt our family table was the best thing I did as a parent. Wow! I will be sharing ideas on how to make a family table happen in our busy lives.

I usually have at least a centerpiece on my dining table. I try to make the dining table a nice place to gather. A seasonal centerpiece is my favorite because I don’t have to change it very often. I like to keep placemats with chargers at each chair so the table looks “ready”. I will be sharing my table tips and tablescapes in this blog.

A simple cook….that’s me! I try to make balanced meals that are on the low carb side. I generally serve a protein and one side dish. I’m not very good at following a recipe. I would rather see a list of ingredients and tweak it to fit my family’s tastes. Canned goods and frozen items are always on my grocery list. I will have a recipe section on the blog.

I spent almost 20 years teaching. My husband and I remodel houses. Blogging is new to me so thank you for your patience while I learn. I hope you will follow my blog and sign up for my newsletter.

Please gather around,


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